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Aug Aug 2015

Himalayan Hope Childrens Home

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Young Anil’s face tells a gruesome story. “I will never forget meeting Anil,” recalls one of our team members, a benefactor of Himalayan Hope Children’s Home in India. Anil was the son of an alcoholic father and a hardworking mother. They lived in a jhopri (hut) in one of India’s most populated states. As Anil’s mother was pumping their cheap kerosene stove one night, it exploded, setting her and everything in the house on fire. Anil’s mother lost her life. Their house was destroyed and Anil’s face was severely burned. The scars left by the burn…

Jul Jul 2015

Nepal Churches Need You

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Prem Maya didn’t know if she was going to live or die. Trapped under a pile of rubble, she struggled to hold on to hope that she’d be rescued. It was April 25, 2015. That morning, Prem and her fellow believers had gathered to worship together in their hillside church in the Sindupalchok district of Nepal. At 11:56 am, as Prem’s pastor preached, the earth began to shake violently. The concrete wall behind the platform suddenly collapsed outward, the rush of air pulling the pastor right out of the building. Church members panicked as they realized…

Jun Jun 2015

Armenia Bible College

Dear Friend of Eurasia, An eternal flame in Yerevan, Armenia commemorates the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Their only crime was being Christian.        Today, 100 years after the genocide, Armenia stands as a bastion of Christianity in the center of the Muslim world! The Enemy tried to obliterate Armenian Christians, but God preserved a remnant—and Shahan Teberian, AGWM’s and Global University’s representative in Armenia, is among that remnant. Shahan, a relatively new arrival in Armenia, bears a unique connection to the Armenian people—one that was forged in blood. Shahan’s grandfather survived the…