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Dec Dec 2015


Dear Friend of Eurasia, You won’t believe what Aabdar,* a young Iraqi, recently said: “I HATE ISLAM. For the past 12 years, I have watched my home country of Iraq be torn apart by Islamic extremists.” Aabdar was born into a Muslim family. He is one of over a million moderate Muslims fleeing the Islamic State and flooding into the capital of Baghdad from the surrounding provinces. But even in Baghdad they are not safe: the streets of Baghdad are filled with death. The extremists of ISIS force the masses of moderate Muslims to submit to their laws on penalty…

Dec Dec 2015

Help Repair Flooded Churches in Chennai

Friends, India’s largest Assemblies of God church is flooded from the worst flood in over 100 years in South India. Waters have reached nearly 20 feet high along the New Life AG Campus. Cars and even bridges have been submerged. Torrential rains have doused the state of Tamil Nadu, causing floods that have killed over 269 people and affected millions. New Life AG Pastor David Mohan reports, “The flood affected the church very much, coming up to the first floor, destroying two generators and electrical panels. About 3,000 believers lost their belongings and some of our people lost their houses. Please…

Dec Dec 2015

10,000 AUDIO BIBLES for the Palestinian Territories!

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Khawla’s husband flew into a rage, throwing her against the wall and pulling out a knife. Her crime? Her Muslim husband had caught her listening to an audio Bible. This audio Bible, purchased for Khawla at the cost of only $7 by a believing friend, had led to a drastic change in her life: she and her son had become Christians—an unthinkable decision for a Muslim in this Palestinian village. Brandishing his knife, Khawla’s husband took a step toward her. Her son tried unsuccessfully to protect his mother. The husband sliced his wife from one end…

Nov Nov 2015


Dear Friend of Eurasia, IRANIANS ARE HUNGRY FOR THE WORD OF GOD. Our workers on the ground say that 8 out of every 10 Iranians they talk to express a desire to own a Bible. But Bibles in Iran’s official language of Farsi are very hard to find. Iranians cannot just walk into a bookshop and buy a Farsi Bible. They need a connection with a Christian to get one. The gift of a $5 Farsi Bible opens conversations about Jesus! Last year, your generous gifts enabled our local teams to distribute 5,000 Farsi Bibles. Because of you, 5,000 Iranian…

Oct Oct 2015

Providing Tools to Tell The Gospel in Lithuania

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Rasa was pregnant when she entered the tent over 14 years ago. Her abusive husband had punched her forcefully in the abdomen. She came into the tent meeting crying and crushed, praying that her baby would be born unharmed. That night, sitting in a ministry tent in Lithuania, Rasa gave her life to Christ and has been in church ever since. Her now-teenaged daughter, Evelina, was born healthy—a miracle because the doctor’s prognosis had been bleak. A ministry tent can be a powerful tool for drawing thousands to Christ. Between 1993 and 2005, tent meetings were…

Sep Sep 2015

Help Pastor Vanya

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Would you tell others about Jesus if getting caught meant going to jail?             Pastor Vanya takes this risk every day.             In the Muslim region of Russia where he lives, converting to Christianity is illegal. But that does not stop Pastor Vanya and his team from painstakingly visiting village after village to share the Good News. The team’s passion for witnessing is fueled by staggering statistics—in this region of 1,270,000 people there are only 30 known believers!             Islam is actively promoted by political and religious leaders in this volatile region of Russia. The capital…